About Us

Testament Coffee is a family-owned, specialty coffee roaster in Jacksonville, Florida. For years, we were interested in selling coffee, but did not want to drop-ship coffee like so many businesses are doing today. So, we decided to start a hobby of roasting coffee at home.

It all started with a popcorn popper and a portable stove top. The hand-crank on the WhirleyPop was too much, so we migrated to a bread machine and a heat gun. It was a pretty rugged setup. The top of the bread machine was removed, the heat gun was clamped to the side of the bread machine and a cheap BBQ thermometer was inserted into the side of the bread dough vessel. Our first bean cooler was a colander duct-taped to the top of a Home Depot bucket and a shop vac hose inserted below. It wasn't pretty, but the air roasted coffee was wonderful.

It was during that first year of using this rickety setup that we learned the science of roasting with convection. After much feedback, and trial-and-error, we decided it was time to invest in a larger roaster. There was no turning back from air-roasted coffee, so we had to find a roaster that was economical and still gave us the quality of our heat gun/bread maker setup. 

Fluid bed roasters were very expensive and we decided we should build our own to save some money. That is, until we found the Roasted Right Roaster out of Kansas. It was nearly 1/3 of the price of other fluid bed roasters and we couldn't believe it. After commissioning our roaster, it was hand-built and shipped to us. We couldn't be happier. 

Our garage is now converted to a roastery where not only friends and family can come experience our love for specialty coffee, but we can also ship our favorites around the USA. We have a saying here at Testament Coffee, and we mean it: "Our Coffee Speaks For Itself." We don't have to hype it up like so many companies do. Just try it for yourself. It will do the marketing in your mouth!

We never knew a garage could smell so good!